I am a human interested in the intersection of art, education, and activism. My art centers around social justice, the feminine, and all things cute. I am passionate about: Black Lives Matter, Asian Pacific-Islander representation, queer counter-narratives, and educational equity.

I also really love cheeseburgers, despite half-hearted aspirations to be vegetarian.      

In-Progress Projects

Support: UNITE!

A public community art project -- a standing and portable mural centered on solidarity and unity.

Read: The Most Authentic Bao

A comic about a food truck on a westward journey for the most authentic baozi. (Writer & Illustrator)

Join: #ReclaimSafety

A public art action created by API women, gnc, and trans folk in Boston about safety, represented by paper flowers and leaves in public places.

Play: Paper Shadows

A game about separation and reunion. (Art Lead)




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