Shaina (she/her) is a queer Taiwanese-American artist interested in the intersection of art, education, and activism.

Shaina drinks juice every day, and she is full of sugar.


Artist, Dratneigh’s Dumplings, Planetside, 2019.
Artist, Run Hard!, Dates III: Adventure, Margins Publishing, 2019.
Artist, The Fisher and the Jeweler, Shout Out, TO Comix Press, 2019.
Artist, Unwanted, Heartwood, Power & Magic Press, 2019.
Artist, [ b a y s t a t e r o l l a z ], Strange Waters, Arledge Comics, projected 2020.
Artist, Between Worlds, Lilies Vol VI: Corpse Lily, Lilies Anthology, 2018.
Contributor, What Now? A Zine for Navigating Post Election America. 2016.
Illustrator, Dinnertime!, 2012.
Illustrator, The Painted Tea Set, YouthInkwell Publishing, 2007.
Author & Illustrator, Puppets, YouthInkwell Publishing, 2007.

Clients include:

Asian Community Development Corps | Boston Asian American Film Festival | Chinese Progressive Association Boston | Viet-Aid | Queer Asian Pacific-Islander Alliance (QAPA) | Chinese Historical Society of New England (CHSNE) | Richie Le | Power & Magic Press | TO Comix Press | Margins Publishing | Match Education | + more

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